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Bradford is a wonderful city located near West Yorkshire in norther England. It is a homely city situated sixteen miles west of Leeds, near the foothills of the Pennines. Bradford was born as a prominent 19th century center for textile manufacturing. It was also a significant city during the boom of the Industrial Revolution. Today, it is a popular city for visitors across the world. It has several restaurants, tourist attractions, museums and accommodations. All are easily accessible with the use of taxis, coach hire and minibus hire.

Bradford is a home to several museums. The National Medium Museum showcases the history of several popular television shows as well as the genera history of film. The Bradford Industrial Museum showcases the history of Bradford during the Industrial Revolution. Bolling Hall is a five hundred year old mansion features luxurious furnishings of the 17th century and is a favorite among families. Ana dded benefit is that most museums in Bradford are free.

Bradford is also an excellent center for shopping. It has two large shopping areas known as Kirkgate Centre and Forster Square Retail Park. These centers feature high end shops and department stores. Another major asset are the Asian shops that feature unique and exotic products. Visitors can also enjoy the fine Asian cuisine featured at several restaurants around the area. The World Mile is an excellent location for picking up exotic eats. It features over 75 international restaurants and cafes. Most establishments feature Thai, India and Chinese cuisine that visitors love and enjoy.

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